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Maintenance Projects That You Should Never DIY

In the age of YouTube and Google, DIY has quickly become a norm. But there are some maintenance tasks that are better left to the pros. Unless you’re a plumber by trade, tackling your rental property’s plumbing repairs on your own could spell disaster. The same goes for these 5 maintenance tasks that aren’t suitable for DIY.



#1 Electrical Work


Repairing or replacing your rental’s electrical wiring isn’t like changing a light bulb. It’s a lot more complicated than that and comes with significant risk if not done correctly. Imagine your rental on fire. Electricians have to go through extensive training and licensing in order to do what they do. They’re also familiar with multiple styles and techniques of wiring, many of which have changed over the years. Without proper knowledge and expertise, completing electrical repairs on your own can actually cost you more in the long run. If your repair doesn’t take or messes with another system, you could pay far more than you saved by going it alone. Doing it yourself poses significant risk to you as well. Accidental shock, electrical burns, and fires all have serious or fatal consequences.



#2 Gas Appliances


Gas appliance repairs are another no-no for DIY. Failure to repair these correctly comes with deadly consequences, including carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosions. Whether it’s your furnace, gas stove, or even a gas dryer that needs repair, call a professional. The risks far outweigh the cost.





HVAC techs, like electricians, are required to go through extensive training and licensing before they’re legally allowed to work on certain systems. Failure to install or repair HVAC systems correctly can lead to lower efficiency, future issues, and inflated bills. With that in mind, deciding to tackle any HVAC repair solo should be an easy no.



#4 Structural Alterations


Don’t crack out the sledge hammer just yet! Knocking down walls or any other structural alterations are another project not suitable for DIY. Not only do you have to consider if the wall is load-bearing, but there may be other internal systems within. Think of plumbing, piping, and electrical wiring that could be housed within that wall. One wrong swing could cause irreparable damage and cost you thousands more to fix what was damaged. These types of projects often require permits and are best left to the pros.




#5 Plumbing


While unclogging a toilet can be a no-brainer, it’s best to leave any major plumbing repairs to the professionals. Fixing leaks, broken pipes, or unclogging sewer lines are major fixes with big consequences if not done properly. We’re talking water damage! Water damage can lead to further serious problems and cost a landlord thousands in repairs.


When it comes to maintaining your rental, DIY is a great way to save costs, but isn’t an all-in-one solution. When it comes to structural or internal systems, leave those repairs to the pros!

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